The Great Sale

When Thomas died without a legitimate male heir, the bulk of the Ormond properties, including Kilkenny Castle, were taken over by his daughter Elizabeth and her second husband Richard Preston, Lord Dingwall (d.1628). Under their ownership some interiors in the castle were refurbished. New tapestries for the Great Chamber and tawny velvet bed hangings were ordered from London as well as gold and silver fringing 'for beds chairs and stools'. Following the sudden deaths in 1628 of both Elizabeth and her husband there were further complications in the Ormond inheritance and a great sale of the contents of the castle took place in 1630. An inventory taken at that time lists only sixteen chambers within the buildings and describes bare interiors, indicating that at least some of the rooms had been stripped of their contents.
Survey of the City of Kilkenny by John Roque 1758 (The Board of Trinity College