The Picture Gallery Wing

The Picture Gallery Wing was built during the early nineteenth-century building programme carried out by the architect William Robertson. It was constructed on earlier foundations. Robertson's Picture Gallery, in keeping with his work on the rest of the castle, was in Castellated Baronial style. Initially the gallery was built with a flat roof that had begun to cause problems shortly after its completion. The distinguished architectural firm of Deane and Woodward was called in during the 1860s to make changes to the overall design of the Picture Gallery block, and other corrections to Robertson's work. These changes included the insertion of four oriels in the west wall and the blocking up of the eight existing windows, while another oriel was added to the east wall. A pitched roof was put in place, with central glazing. The hammer-beam roof structure is supported on carved stone corbels also by Harrison. It was decorated by John Hungerford Pollen (1820-1902), then Professor of Fine Arts at Newman College, Dublin, using a combination of motifs ranging from the quasi-medieval to the pre-Raphaelite, with interlace, gilded animal and bird heads on the cross beams. This decorative scheme was criticised by a contemporary, writing in The Irish Builder, as 'a roof probably intended to be Byzantine but is merely bizarre'.


The Picture Gallery #2 Picture Gallery, Painted Ceiling #2
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Anne Wandesford, Countess of Ormond (1754-1830), by H.D. Hamilton Picture Gallery, Painted Ceiling #1
The Picture Gallery #1