Kilkenny Castle's Tapestries return

Minister Hayes was in Kilkenny Castle on Monday 17th February to welcome the return of the 'Decius Mus' Tapestries following conservation work in Madrid.

The Tapestries are among the great glories of the wonderful historic Ormonde Collection at Kilkenny Castle. The 'Decius' suite had been in the ownership of the Ormonde family for over 300 years and was displayed in several of their residences before being acquired by OPW for display in Kilkenny Castle. The centuries took a toll on the delicate fabrics and major conservation was needed. This intricate work was entrusted to Real Fabrica de Tapices in Madrid, one of the leading international conservation specialists in this medium. After three years of painstaking work the Tapestries have returned to their ‘rightful home’ at Kilkenny Castle and again form a highlight of the Ormonde Collection in the Tapestry Room and fabulous Picture Gallery - one of the finest historic and architectural spaces in Ireland.

Kilkenny Castle Tapestries 2014

  • Attendees at the event.

Kilkenny Castle Tapestries 2 2014

  • L-R: Commisioner John McMahon (OPW), Sven Habermann, Mayor Martin Brett, Minister Brian Hayes, Isabel Fernandez and Dolores Gaffney (Kilkenny Castle).